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DC Brush Type


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The DCS303 is a digital DC servo driver developed with DSP and high efficient  MOSFET technologies. In position control, it’s easy for the end users to change stepping drivers to the DCS303 without changing control systems, because its input command is PUL/DIR signal, which is compatible with that of stepping drivers. 

The DCS303 is a microsize brush DC servo drive. It is an ideal choice for those applications in which the mounting space for the driver is limited and higher output power is not necessary. The DCS303 is very easy to tune and all parameters are visible. Handheld and PC based tuning tools, including ProTuner (Windows based setup software) and STU (Small servo tuning unit) can meet different tuning environments or requirements. 

  • Input Voltage: 18-30VDC 
  • Output Current: 3 A (Cont.), 15A(Peak), Power range: 5-90W. 
  • Based on DSP control technology and high smooth servo control algorithm. 
  • Handheld and PC based tuning tools, including Pro Tuner and STU. 
  • Feedback resolution ×4 encoder line count. 
  • Position Following error lock range adjustable 
  • Position error can be eliminated to 1 count
  • Support PUL/DIR control signals 
  • Opto-isolated inputs, support single-ended signals 
  • 10 latest errors self-record function 
  • Over-current, over-voltage, phase error, encoder error, position following error 
  • Small size, surface-mount technology