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Brush Servo Drives

This group of amplifiers drive brush-type DC motors and accept an analog ± 10V command signal. DC motors are easy to set up, and excellent speed control can be obtained with the addition of a velocity feedback device.

  • 18 to 75V DC or 9 to 25V DC single power supply 10A peak, 6A continuous output current
  • Jumper selectable modes: Current (Torque), Velocity (Tach), Voltage, IR compensation, Analog position loop
  • Comprehensive motor output short-circuit protection: Output to output, Output to ground, Output to power
  • Individual continuous, peak and peak time configurable output limits Built-in capacitor allowing for long wires to the power source
  • Over/under voltage shutdown Internal fast-blowing fuse for maximum safety
  • No integrator windup during power-up or amplifier disabled Four quadrant regenerative operation
  • Amplifier enable input and fault output Forward and reverse overtravel limits
  • Conservative 100% trough hole design for high reliability Small footprint

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